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Mark Plays... 'Left' cartridges on the Atari 800XL (50 minute extravaganza)

Ever since I got my Atari 800XL I've been slowly expanding on my 'LEFT cartridges' containing all sorts of arcade ports. It's a bit of a weak spot of mine to try to get all sorts of classic arcade ports on various machines I own. The Atari 8bit line is no exception. I play each cartridge until the 1st game over and this results in about 50 minutes of video. Hope you guys enjoy this one as well.

I must say I just ordered a good microphone on, so things may be looking up on this end sound-wise.

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Star Raiders (1979): The New Hope - Final Vintage Games Bonus Chapter

The ninth of nine free online bonus chapters that are in addition to the 25 chapters found in our book, Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time, available at booksellers worldwide, including, is now available. Head on over to Gamasutra to read Star Raiders (1979): The New Hope. This concludes our experiment in providing a true value add for readers of the book, content that could never fit in a reasonably priced mass market publication. Hopefully this convinces the last of the fence sitters to buy the book! Don't forget there are well over 100 bonus images not found in the book or in the online bonus chapters, available here. Want to know what others' think of the book? Check it out here. Between all of the free online content and the content in the book, it should keep you busy for quite some time. It looks like there is also a good possibility for fully translated special editions of Vintage Games for other territories, starting with an Italian Edition. We'll let you know as this news develops.

Our next book out should be Wii Fitness for Dummies, which will be released in early 2010, followed by an amazing feature film documentary on the history of videogames through Lux Digital Pictures. Keep checking back at Armchair Arcade for the latest on these and other exciting projects!

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What can your Atari 800 do for you?

What can your Atari 800 do for you? Well, according to this You Tube video of an Atari 800 in-store demo (see below), mostly business and professional applications (yeah, right). It's almost sad to see Atari working so hard in this demo to impress the very people who dismissed Atari as nothing more than a maker of game consoles. Both Atari and Commodore shunned the "game machine" label, even though the most loyal fans of both systems probably played more games than any other type of software (though I'm sure any of these fans would be quick to defend these machines as "real computers.") Although the demo mentions the popular hit Star Raiders, it's obviously designed to minimize the game-playing potential of the system. Interestingly, companies like Alien Ware (and increasingly Dell) seem willing to offer "gaming rigs" without bothering to play up the business/professional potential of these systems.

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