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Exclusive Scan: Geopolitique 1990 (SSI, 1983) - Commodore 64 (C-64) Version

Good news, everyone! I've got a special Armchair Arcade exclusive today. Attached to this very blog post and freely available to download is a nearly complete scan in PDF format of SSI's classic computer strategy game, Geopolitique 1990, from 1983, Commodore 64 (C-64) version. The 31 page PDF clocks in at 35.63 MB and features the box front, box top, box bottom, box side, box back, special notice and registration card, disk and catalog, scratch sheet map from the full notepad (blue), double-sided reference card, and the manual itself. As you can tell, this is the typical pre-1985 SSI deluxe bookshelf (oversized) packaging. If you'd like to play the Apple II version in your browser, you can do so here. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this semi-forensic scan of the game billed as "A Political, Economic & Military Game of World Dominance".

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Why do we keep buying video game sequels?

A friend asked this question on Facebook and I thought I'd share my answer here:

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Three for the Road: Packin' Plax, Big Box of Blox and BlockOut 8k

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 28st, 2010: Big Box of Blox, BlockOut 8k and Packin' Plax ·· ·  ·

Welcome back to Three for the Road. So I've been sitting here this morning lounging to some Richard Cheese and trying to figure out what we should take a look at. So far we've covered quite a few platformers and shoot'em up's but we haven't checked out that many puzzlers...

So that's just what we're going to do this week.

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Amelie's Story Machine - Edutainment on an Atari 800

Alphabet Zoo (1983)Alphabet Zoo (1983)As many of you know, I have a large collection of vintage hardware and software, and, as is par for the course in collecting, I've ended up with certain atypical software genres either by design or simply because they were included with other things. One facet of my collection that fits that definition are all of the educational titles I have for various consoles and computers. As many of you may also know, Christina and I have two daughters, Amelie, who just turned 6, and Olivia, who just turned 4. They're obviously right at the age where it's use it or never use it time for some of this educational software. The good thing is that our girls have grown up around this stuff, and that, combined with what comes naturally to children, makes them ideal users. I decided that instead of taking the easier way and going console (the CD-i and VIS platforms in particular come to mind, but I have many others that have at least a few titles on them), I'd use it as an excuse to break out one of my older computers. It was a toss up between the C-64, Atari 8-bit and Apple II, since those three systems feature the most educational software of the old computers in my collection. I had already spent enough time with the C-64 and had broken out the Apple II stuff a few times before, so I decided to go with the Atari 8-bit for this attempt with my daughters.

Here's what happened:

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Three for the Road: Knytt, Frogatto & Friends, and Digital: A Love Story

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 21st, 2010: Knytt, Frogatto & Friends, and Digital: A Love Story ·· ·  ·

Another week and another three great freeware games for you to check out. A couple of them are even cross platform, so you Mac and Linux folks can also have a go. This week I've included two great 2D platformers into the mix and the third game is an exceptional work of interactive fiction created by Christine Love which explores topics oft not explored in many games.

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One Paragraph Videogame Back Story Short Stories - Every Submission in One Post!

Just like we did with our previous one paragraph short story series, I wanted to get all of the entries in our latest one paragraph short story contest in one posting, this one. If you recall, the theme was fanciful videogame back stories and one lucky participant was eligible for a prize. While some of the Armchair Arcade staff participated, we were naturally not eligible for the contest. After the votes were counted, Craig A. Meyer's Donkey Kong took the prize and his story was featured in Episode 4 of our Armchair Arcade Radio podcast. Now here for your convenient reading pleasure are all eight entries in the reverse order they were submitted:

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Bill's 2010 Holiday Buying Guide - Console Edition

Since other media outlets have had to fulfill their apparent obligation this holiday season like every holiday season to recommend what to buy and why, I thought I would join in on the fun, with the big difference with my guide being that I actually own and use all of the systems in question, so I'm not just talking out of a hypothetical butt like some others do. Allegedly. Now here's a bad cell phone photo of my three consoles as evidence (you're welcome in advance for the bikini snow angel):

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Three for the Road: Maze of Space, Death Worm, Crystal Hammer.

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 14th, 2010: Crystal Hammer, Death Worm, and Maze of Space ·· ·  ·

We are back with another edition of Three for the Road. I had a lot of fun cobbling this edition together this week. Instead of just reviewing indie and homebrew titles, I started to investigate some older software for computers and consoles. Many of these titles were once commercial but have since been religated to abandonware status due to their IP holder being a dissolved company.. or the author just not enforcing his/her copyright due to the age of the software and the inaccessibility of the parent platform. That said, they're easy to find with a simple Google search.

Anyway, let's get to the games...

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Three for the Road: Space Clusters, Star Guard, BrainSplode!

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 7th, 2010: Three Great Freeware Games for the PC ·· ·  ·

This week I've got three great indie gems lined up for you to take a look at. Among their ranks are: Space Clusters (a shoot'em up), Star Guard (a platformer) and BrainSplode! (an artillery game).

A little something for (almost) every taste.

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Raw Transcript of Video-game Nirvana Interview

As promised, I am posting the raw transcript from my interview in last week's Suburban Newspaper, which I talked about here. As is often the case, we talked about much more than would fit in a regular newspaper feature, so I thought it might be nice to see the full spectrum of questions and my responses. As is usual for these things, it's me-centric, so the mileage of your enjoyment may vary, but if you stick with it you may gain some additional insight into how I think, where I come from, and what my influence on the Armchair Arcade philosophy is. The QandA:

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