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Dirt Cheap GNU/Linux PCs

There's some buzz at some of my other blog haunts about two dirt cheap GNU/Linux PCs: Wal-Mart's Everex TC2502 Green PC and the XO Laptop.

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A Look at GNU-Licensed CRPGs (Free Stuff!)

I see that Free Software Magazine has finally put up Computer Role-Playing Games for GNU/Linux, an article I wrote that peeks into the surprisingly active world of free CRPGs.

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Interview with Jaakko Tapani Peltonen of NetHack: Falcon's Eye

Falcon's Eye: NetHack + Graphics = Awesome!Falcon's Eye: NetHack + Graphics = Awesome!I recently had the pleasure of talking to Jaakko, one of the developers of the ongoing free software project NetHack: Falcon's Eye, an awesome, graphical remake of the classic Rogue-style game NetHack. The game is available for Windows, Linux, and DOS platforms. The best part is--it's FREE. Below are some questions that Jaakko was kind enough to answer about Falcon's Eye. It's in-depth and makes for some very good reading, especially for those interested in classic CRPGs. Enjoy!

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Where are the big games for GNU/Linux?

GNUGNUMitch Meyran has started an interesting discussion over at Free Software Magazine about the lack of big budget games for the GNU/Linux platform. Mitch asks some good questions: How hard could it be for a company to develop their games in OpenGL (of which DirectX 9 is a clone), something several actually already do, compile a binary and an installer for Linux, and sell it - or even wrap it along with their Win32 PE binaries? Indeed, why not? As it stands, I strongly concur with Mitch that the lack of A-list titles is one reason many folks haven't already switched to to the free OS. And, yes, we all know about Wine and the like, but are these options really practical for the typical PC gamer? While you're browsing at FSF, be sure to check out my article Games in Captivity.

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