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The Means of Exchange: Matt's Short Story

ISWNCBM: It's ClassifiedISWNCBM: It's ClassifiedEnjoy the following humorous short story, intended as an Xmas gift from me to you. I'll warn you, though--you may never look at a television commercial the same way again!

Seymour Schmidt made his way through the portfolio slowly and thoughtfully, occasionally lifting out a page and staring at it intently. His office was bright and sunny, and, as always, full of cigar smoke. Whenever he saw something he liked, he puffed on the cigar, making the tip glow bright red. Jarvis and Sabina knew that if the cigar went out, their boss would force them to take the entire ad campaign back to the drawing board.

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One Paragraph Videogame Back Story Short Stories - Every Submission in One Post!

Just like we did with our previous one paragraph short story series, I wanted to get all of the entries in our latest one paragraph short story contest in one posting, this one. If you recall, the theme was fanciful videogame back stories and one lucky participant was eligible for a prize. While some of the Armchair Arcade staff participated, we were naturally not eligible for the contest. After the votes were counted, Craig A. Meyer's Donkey Kong took the prize and his story was featured in Episode 4 of our Armchair Arcade Radio podcast. Now here for your convenient reading pleasure are all eight entries in the reverse order they were submitted:

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Jumpman: A Story by Matt Barton

Justin sat in the darkest corner of the darkest bar in the space station, shrunk into the shadows like a wet rat in a lightning storm. He was wary for a reason. If anyone guessed who he was or his purpose, his presence here would end his past. He needed answers. He needed courage. But he was scared as hell and fresh out of pencils.

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