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Mark Plays... Delver (PC)

Delver is an Indie game that was recommended to me by a friend and this is the first time I take a look at it. It is basically one of these old text based Rogue like games that has turned into a nice 3D game featuring nice pixellated graphics reminiscent of those found in Minecraft. It is a tough game and I only seem to be able to last a couple of minutes. It works quite intuitively and I am liking this a lot even in its current Alpha state (Friday the 13th, 2013).
If you want to go check it out you can get it for PC or Android over here:
You can also get the game on Steam.

Here's a link to the developer blog:

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Vintage Games Online Bonus Chapter 5 on Rogue Continues to Generate Interest

GameSetWatch has posted a fascinating look at the aftermath of the posting of our fifth (of nine) online-only bonus chapter from earlier this month, Rogue: Have @ You, You Deadly Z's, from our book, Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time. The best part is is that two of the original developers have participated in the discussion to shed additional light on the fascinating history of Rogue. As always, be sure to check out the book's official Website at Armchair Arcade, and don't forget to pick up your copy at Amazon or other fine retailers!

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Roguelike Contest - Play the Winners!

John Harries has posted about a bunch of games that came out of the annual event--in which contenders write roguelikes in 7 days (the 7-Day Rogue Like challenge).

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Rogue: The Procedurally Generated CRPG

Ah, yes, it's time to start thinking about the Rogue chapter of Vintage Gaming. Of course, I covered this game briefly in D&D, but want to develop a different sort of idea of the game for this project. We've already covered Diablo in another chapter, so I don't think there'll be a great need to dwell on that relationship.

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Interview with Jaakko Tapani Peltonen of NetHack: Falcon's Eye

Falcon's Eye: NetHack + Graphics = Awesome!Falcon's Eye: NetHack + Graphics = Awesome!I recently had the pleasure of talking to Jaakko, one of the developers of the ongoing free software project NetHack: Falcon's Eye, an awesome, graphical remake of the classic Rogue-style game NetHack. The game is available for Windows, Linux, and DOS platforms. The best part is--it's FREE. Below are some questions that Jaakko was kind enough to answer about Falcon's Eye. It's in-depth and makes for some very good reading, especially for those interested in classic CRPGs. Enjoy!

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The 7 Day Roguelike Competition for 2007

The third annual 7DRL challenge is coming! What's a 7DRL? Why its the Roguelike communities answer to the annual IF Competition and the NaNoWriMo thats what!

The date for this years 7DRL is from March 10th to March 18th, you get 168 hours to write a Roguelike.

The rules are simple:

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